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Automate email phishing
simulations & training

Run email phishing simulations, automatically tailored to each individual employee. Show personalised just-in-time education when people click.

The CultureAI difference

Find out about what makes automating your simulated phishing programme with CultureAI different.

Run continuous, automated phishing simulations &
get better behaviour change with zero management

Phishing templates for every job role and capability

No more spending time building phishing templates; we've got templates for every role, geographic location and capability level

Templates for every role & capability

Never have to design phishing templates again

Scenarios based on current, real-world threats

Phishing scenarios are built based on the latest threat intelligence

Support for multiple languages & regions

Regional phishing templates, automatically delivered in local languages

Automate your phishing programme, with zero management

Machine learning selects the best templates to send each employee, and how often to send, based on job role & previous results.

Intelligent scenario selection

Always use the best template for each employee, automatically

Optimised sending frequency

Machine learning predicts the best send frequency for each employee

Stay in control

Allow-list scenarios, specify min & max send limits

A button to make it easy for employees to report phishing emails

Make it easy for employees to report email phishing with a simple reporting button in Office365 & Gmail; across desktop, web and mobile.

Reporting made easy

Allow employees to report suspect emails in one click

Deploy in seconds, no installs

Automated deployment in Gmail & Office365

Send reports to emails, Slack or our Triage centre

Handle phishing reports however works for your teams

Simple dashboards with all the stats, metrics & insights you need

Track all of the metrics that matter in simple, sharable dashboards.

Track every metric

From click rates through to credential disclosure rates

Employee risk scoring

Identify your riskiest employees, teams and departments

Shareable dashboards

Share your results dashboards with anyone

Start in minutes

Onboard employees automatically, select a pool of phishing templates and set your sending frequency. That's it.

Onboard from Google, Office365, Okta or CSV

Wherever your employee email addresses live, we support

No installs

100% cloud-based, no agents or installs

Support included

We're here to help if you need us

Security comes first

CultureAI was built with security in mind from the very start.

ISO 27001 & CE Plus Accredited

We hold ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus

Regular penetration tests

We're happy to share our results, just ask

Security vetted employees

All CultureAI employees hold BPSS clearance at a minmimum

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Forget campaigns - always-on, continuous phishing is more effective & less hassle

You can choose a phishing campaign and send to a group of users every quarter if you really need, but there's a better way. CultureAI automatically treats each of your employees as individuals and lets you phish them as much or as little as they need, year-round.

Empower employees to report emails with our simple phishing report button

Reducing click rates is just the start; make it easy for employees to report email phishing with a simple reporting button in Office365 & Gmail; across desktop, web and mobile. Simple one-click deployment, no installs or agents.

Phishing is just the start. Measure many, many more security behaviours

Turn your phishing and other security behaviour insights into employee risk scores

Get continuous visibility of human risk events, for example an employee posting PII in a public Slack channel, from across your existing apps. Risk events allow you to automate your security and awareness programmes and focus on helping people prevent breaches.

Change the way you approach human security & awareness today

CultureAI is a platform for cyber security and awareness professionals that want to change cyber security behaviours and help their entire workforce stop security incidents.

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