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Identify the real-world cyber risks created by your people

Surface human risk events across your organisation, use them to drive your cyber security & awareness programmes

Detect human cyber risks & security behaviours as they happen

Get continuous visibility of human risk events, for example an employee posting PII in a public Slack channel, from across your existing apps. Risk events allow you to automate your security and awareness programmes and focus on helping people prevent breaches.

Quantify every type of human cyber risk across your workforce, not just phishing

Use risk scores to understand employees' cyber strengths & weaknesses

CultureAI continuously synthesises human risk events from your existing apps and simulated phishing to give each person in your organisation a risk score. Risk scores are continuously updated so you know how best to support each individual.

Explore human risks & behaviours across your workforce

Deep-dive on specific risks, such as email phishing or posting PII in public Slack channels

CultureAI allows you to deep-dive on specific human risks, or categories of risk. View the risk drivers, the employee security behaviours that created/reduced the risk, people or areas of the business most affected and even audit logs of individual instances of the risk occurring.

Give every employee a cyber risk score - support risky employees, reward your cyber security superstars

CultureAI gives every employee a continuously updated cyber security risk score based on security events observed from your apps and attack simulations. As your employees become less risky and even proactively prevent breaches, their score improves.

Identify your riskiest teams and business areas

CultureAI provides risk scores and insights for any cross-section of your organisation; whether by team, department, country or even subsidiary.

Identify problem security risks for line managers to help their teams with

Line managers can play a vital role in helping their teams keep themselves and the organisation secure. CultureAI immediately finds which line managers need more support, and can provide them with insight on problem areas to tackle in their own team.

Track improvements in security behaviours over time

Demonstrate your security & awareness programmes are working.

Automate your phishing simulations, while one-click integrations identify human risks across the apps you already use

CultureAI automatically synthesizes human risk insights from the apps and platforms you already use.

CultureAI allows you to run continuous, fully-automated employee attack sims; including email phishing simulations, phishing over Slack and MFA phishing.

Empower employees to detect risks with simple reporting tools, including phishing report button

Enable your people to help you detect risks with simple reporting tools; including our phishing report button for both Microsoft & Google - across web, desktop and mobile.

Start in minutes, get value in hours

One-click integrations surface human risk events from the everyday platforms you already have

From Microsoft and Google, through to Slack, Teams, Duo and many more - connect the everyday platforms your organisation uses and start monitoring the human security risks across your workforce. It takes seconds, and there's no installs/agents.

Run a fully-automated, continuous phishing programme. No management needed.

Run a range of continuous, fully-automated attack simulations to measure security behaviour. Simulations deliver security nudges to improve behaviour and automatically adapt to each user based on their job role, risk levels and historic security behaviour.

Use risk events to drive your security and awareness programmes

Automate technical reactions to the human risk events identified from your apps & attack simulations, or use them to drive automated employee security coaching to improve security behaviour much more effectively than traditional security awareness training.

Use human risk events to drive your wider security & awareness programme

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