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Identify workstation risks & security behaviours

Visibility into workstation risks & security behaviours across your workforce

Deferring desktop updates


68% of our clients employees deferred desktop updates before using CultureAI.

Sharing desktop devices


9% of our clients shared desktop devices before using CultureAI.

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Collect workstation risk insights from the apps you already use

CultureAI extracts human risk insights from apps and platforms you already use. Integrate in seconds - no installs, agents or applicances.

See the bigger picture with human risk scoring

Workstation security risks are just one part of the bigger picture. CultureAI allows you to measure lots of types of human cyber risks and employee security behaviours, then automatically turns the insights into risk scores for each employee, team or department.

Automatically react to workstation risks created by your employees

Proactively respond when someone is at risk using automated workflows.

When someone...
Trigger reaction...

Reaction configured

When someone...
Clicked a phishing email
Send an email

Now whenever someone clicks a phishing email, an email will be sent, automatically.

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Use risk insights to drive an automated security awareness programme where employees are coached, not trained

Traditional security awareness training doesn't change security behaviour. CultureAI improves security behaviour by driving automated security awareness programmes that leverage your human risk insights to deliver cyber security coaching, tailored to each individual employee.

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CultureAI is a platform for cyber security and awareness professionals that want to change cyber security behaviours and help their entire workforce stop security incidents.

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