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Run continuous email phishing simulations with just-in-time education. Automatically.

Continuously deliver tailored phishing emails to your employees and show just-in-time education when they click. With zero management.

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Run continuous phishing simulations
Deliver just-in-time education
Fully automated, easy to set up
Campaigns tailored to each user
Comprehensive analytics dashboards
Phishing report button
Leaderboards & reward system

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phishing platform

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Run a continuous simulated phishing programme. Automatically.

Run a continuous phishing simulation and training programme without the need for time-consuming set up and on-going management. CultureAI manages your phishing programme for you, and gives you real-time results in a simple web-based dashboard.

Drive click rates below 1% with phishing campaigns & training, tailored to each employee

If you send the same campaigns and training to all of your users, you'll limit your results. CultureAI's intelligent platform drives down click rates faster and further than first-generation phishing tools by learning why each user falls for certain types of phishing emails. Phishing campaigns and training are then automatically tailored to focus on these areas.

Track phishing improvement

Dashboards clearly show which employees, teams or seniority levels engage with phishing emails, allowing you to trigger education events, and monitor progress of your phishing awareness programme. You can also measure other risks users create, not just phishing.

Make reporting phishing easy with a phishing report button

In a couple of clicks, deploy a phishing reporting button in Outlook or Gmail to allow your employees to easily report phishing emails; on desktop, web and mobile. Reports can go to your IT/Security teams via email, or can be triaged using our dedicated triage platform.

CultureAI's Phishing Capabilities

A 1 minute overview of CultureAI's phishing simulation capabilities.

No installs or agents, 5 minute setup

CultureAI is completely cloud-based. There's no installs, or agents to run on your machines. Simply log into our web-based dashboard, provide a list of employees (either using our 1-click sync from Azure AD / Google Workplace, or simply a CSV upload) configure a couple of options and your phishing programme will manage itself.

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