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An end-to-end security culture management system for IT, Security & Awareness teams

One platform. Everything you need to manage and improve cyber security culture and behaviour.

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Risks & Behaviours

Measure human risks & behaviour. From everywhere.

Measure behaviour from your existing data

Collect data from your existing apps, tools and infrastructure to build security culture dashboards and to trigger education events.

Understand behaviour with continuous attack simulations

Run a range of continuous attack simulations; from email and SMS phishing simulations through to password audits and more.

Create security culture dashboards & explore your human risk.

Security culture analytics

Turn data from both attack simulations and your existing apps, into powerful security culture dashboards that provide a real-time insights into your human risks and their root causes.

Automated reporting. In any format.

Produce security culture reports in almost any common format and automatically distribute them to your stakeholders.

Deploy tools to enable your teams to behave securely.

Create an end-user security portal

Easily deploy a single web-based platform for your employees to access anything security related; from personalised security recommendations through to reporting security incidents.

Phishing reporting buttons

Deploy phishing reporting buttons within most common email applications, even on mobile. Reports can be sent to your teams via email, or via our triage platform.

Security advice chatbot

Provide employees with an intelligent security chatbot to reduce friction in getting answers to security-related questions.

Centralised policy management

Provide a single place for employees to access and accept your security policies; complete with comprehensive compliance reporting capabilities.

Security education personalised to each user. Tailored to their role. Branded to you.

Personalised security awareness modules

Deliver individually personalised security awareness training modules, covering all key cyber security risks, over web, email and instant messaging such as Teams and Slack.

Event-driven security education

Automate the delivery of security education when certain events occur; such as a new starter joining, or an end-user being identified in a data breach.

Hands-on security labs

Deliver hands-on security challenges that your teams, both technical and non-technical, can complete using only their web-browser.

Encourage, recognise & reward secure behaviour.

Gamify everything

Provide your users with points when they complete training, correctly report incidents or read and accept security policies.

Implement security reward schemes

Let your employees turn good security behaviour into rewards.

Integrate security behaviour with your security and L&D ecosystems.

Push data to your LMS

Automatically push awareness training completion data to your existing learning management systems (LMS).

Create adaptive security controls

Push behavioural data to your existing technical controls. The possibilities are endless - send incident reports to your JIRA helpdesk, change users' active directory groups based on observed security behaviour or even change web filters based on users' browsing habits.

Measure Risks & Behaviours
Understand Culture
Empower End-Users
Raise Awareness
Motivate End-Users

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