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Our NCSC (part of GCHQ) accredited course is designed to help you plan, structure and implement security awareness and culture programmes that achieve real behaviour change. Sign up for a free trial of CultureAI's Security Culture Management System today, and attend the course free.

CultureAI's NCSC (a part of GCHQ) Certified training course provides IT, Cyber Security, HR & Security Awareness Professionals with the fundamental knowledge they need to design, implement and manage effective cyber security awareness programmes.

The course covers a range of topics, including:

  • Overview of Security Awareness Training
  • Identifying Security Awareness Training Requirements
  • Security Education Mechanisms
  • Getting Management Committment
  • Awareness Programme Delivery

The course does not assume any prior knowledge or experience of running cyber security awareness campaigns, and no preparation is required.

Sign up for a free trial of CultureAI's Security Culture Management System below, and attend the course free.

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Published 01st June 2019
Last Updated 01st June 2019
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Molly Keeton, CultureAI
Molly Keeton
Head of CultureOps
Molly has been responsible for designing & managing the delivery of security awareness, education & culture programmes spanning over 3 million employees in 140 countries.
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