Office365 and Azure AD Directory Syncing Released

Today we are pleased to announce that CultureAI have added support for directory syncing from o365 and Azure Active Directory. Users can now be automatically enrolled into your security culture programme as part of your existing user provisioning process.


  • CultureAI can now automatically sync your users from o365/Azure AD
  • Automatically enrol users in your security culture programme
  • Auto-trigger induction security education, personalised awareness modules, attack sims and much more as soon as a user is created
  • Start running awareness activities on auto-pilot

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Add all of your employees to your security culture programme in seconds

Setting up directory syncing is a breeze and takes no more than 5 clicks. All of your employees and associated metadata (department, office, country, preferred language) etc are automatically onboarded into your security culture programme.

Automatically onboard new starters and trigger induction security training

When your IT teams provision new employees as part of your existing process they are automatically added to your security culture programme. You can have them automatically assigned induction security education, auto provision access to tools such as the security centre and even auto-include them in continuous attack sims - such as simulated email and SMS phishing plus just-in-time education. Naturally, their behavioural profile info will be displayed in the analytics dashboards so you can measure their security behaviour and watch it improve over time.

Run your security culture programme on autopilot

When combined with other CultureAI functionality, such as auto-personalised training and continuous attack simulations, directory syncing allows you to completely orchestrate your security culture programme and run it on auto-pilot.

Get more accurate visibility of end-user cyber security behaviour

With directory syncing enabled, your data is always up to date - giving you the most accurate real-time view of end-user cyber security behaviour and security culture throughout your organisation.

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Published 11th November 2019
Last Updated 11th November 2019
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James Moore, CultureAI
James Moore
CEO and founder, CultureAI
James is a cyber security expert & GCHQ approved security awareness trainer. He's worked with many of the worlds leading organisations to signficantly improve employee security behaviour and transform cyber security culture. He believes in using technology to support & empower employees to behave securely, at both work and home.

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