Security Culture Management System
Wednesday 14th October 2020

Measure end-user security behaviours across your apps

We've launched an entirely new 'Measure' area, complete with app integration library. You can now measure end-user cyber security behaviours from your existing third-party apps and tools, track changes over time and trigger security nudges or education to be sent when users do something risky.

Measure security behaviours from everywhere, not just phishing simulations

For too long the only scalable way IT security teams have had to measure cyber security behaviour has been with simulated phishing assessments. From insecure password use through to posting PII in public Slack channels, your employees create a wide range of risks above and beyond email phishing.

With the launch of the 'Measure' section, we're starting to enable you to measure a much wider range of end-user cyber security behaviours and risks within the apps you already use.

You can also watch in real-time as these behaviours are observed.

Get behaviour insights from your existing apps and tools

This release makes it simple to connect the apps and tools you already use to measure security behaviours within them. Want to measure how many employees post personally identifiable information (PII) within Slack, send a nudge to them via Email/Web/Slack and then track how behaviour improves over time? We've got you covered!

Build & share security culture dashboards

Measuring security risks and behaviours is only useful if you can easily track change over time. The 'Track' section of the platform now provides a range of web-based dashboards to allow you to monitor security culture improvement, and share this with stakeholders, senior management or even line managers.

Trigger nudges when behaviours occur in your apps

Once you're measuring a wide range of security behaviours and tracking change over time, you'll need a way to achieve that change. That's where our new security awareness playbooks functionality comes in. Whenever a user performs a certain security behaviour, you can now trigger security nudges or education to be sent to them immediately; or even give them rewards if it's a positive security behaviour such as reporting an attack or setting a strong password.

Future plans

We've launched with support for only a couple of popular apps; we're now focusing on expanding the coverage to include a much wider range. If you have an app you want to measure security behaviours and risks in, but we don't support it yet just let us know and we'll add it to our roadmap.

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