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Wednesday 14th October 2020

Use Okta to automatically onboard users into your security awareness programme

CultureAI is now in the Okta Integration Network Catalog, enabling you to automatically onboard and offboard users into/from your security awareness programme when they join or leave your organisation.

CultureAI is now in the Okta Integration Network Catalog

CultureAI's integration with Okta has now been approved, so if you use Okta you can integrate it with CultureAI in a couple of clicks.

Automatic security awareness programme onboarding with Okta

If you're using Okta, new employees will automatically be pushed into the CultureAI platform when they join your organisation - meaning they'll be automatically included in your awareness programme.

With playbooks, you can even configure users to receive security awareness modules, simulated attacks and security communications across multiple engagement channels when they're onboarded with Okta, automatically.

Automatic off-boarding

When users leave your organisation, CultureAI will automatically offboard them from your security awareness programme - ensuring all of your stats and awareness programme engagement metrics stay accurate and aren't skewed by things like simulated phishing emails being sent to users that have left your organisation.

Using MS Office 365, rather than Okta?

Don't worry, we've got Azure Active Directory (AAD) syncing for Microsoft Office 365 too - with the same capabilities as above.

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