Security Culture Management System
Wednesday 14th October 2020

Automatically deliver nudges and security education to users with playbooks

Security awareness playbooks are finally here! Automate the delivery of security education, nudges and communications across multiple engagement channels to build an always-on security awareness programme.

Automate your security awareness programme

This release sees the introduction of our playbook functionality. Acting as a force multiplier for security and awareness professionals, almost any security awareness activity can be automated - from delivering mandatory security awareness education and training, through to security comms, your onboarding workflow and security nudges.

Deliver security nudges automatically to improve security behaviour

Playbooks allow you to deliver security education and nudges when your people perform specific security behaviours. For example, provide a nudge to a user if they post PII in Slack - or give them security credits/rewards if they set a strong password. Almost anything is possible.

Engage with your people over multiple channels

You can now use playbooks to deliver content, nudges and comms over multiple channels; including web, email, mobile and even via our security rewards vending machines. We'll be adding even more channels soon.

Build an always-on security awareness programme

By enabling you to engage with users automatically when certain behaviours are seen, playbooks enable you to build an incredibly engaging security awareness programme that runs 24/7/365 to support your people.

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