Triage Centre
Wednesday 14th October 2020

Save time triaging phishing reports with our triage centre

For clients using our phishing reporting add-ins, our new Triage centre enables you to rapidly triage incoming reports.

View phishing reports in one central web-based dashboard

When users report suspected phishing emails using the CultureAI reporting Add-in, reports are now shown within the new web-based Triage Centre. Existing CultureAI clients can now access the Triage Centre by clicking the apps icon in the top left of the CultureAI Security Culture Management System.

Rapidly triage phishing reports

When a user reports a suspected phishing email you'll now get a whole host of information at your fingertips to enable you to quickly determine whether the email is malicious or not.

Simple case management features allow you to track unresolved reports, and quickly close off cases that you've investigated.

Automatically engage with your people

The Triage Centre and phishing reporting add-in now integrate with your wider security awareness programme, allowing you to send comms, education, rewards or nudges when users report suspected phishing emails - or even thank you or outcome messages when a case is resolved. This positive feedback loop encourages employees to report future phishing attacks.

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