Security Culture Management System
Wednesday 21st October 2020

View security behaviours and awareness activities in real-time

A new, simplified homepage enables you to view your always-on security culture programme in action by showing security behaviour observations, awareness activities and other events in real-time. As security behaviours are observed, you can now see your playbooks automatically deliver security education, comms and nudges to help transform behaviour and reduce risk.

View security behaviours and risks as they happen

As you continuously measure security behaviours across your apps and attack simulations, you can now view a real-time feed of the observed behaviours, and the security risks they're creating.

See your playbooks automatically delivering security education, comms and nudges

Your security culture management system allows you to build security awareness playbooks that trigger when certain behaviours are observed; sending security awareness training, education, comms and nudges across multiple channels to help address and improve risky behaviours. The new real-time feed allows you to watch these playbooks trigger in real-time, so you can see your always-on security culture programme in action.

Navigate your security culture management system more easily

We've added a simple jump menu to take you to the main three areas of the security culture management system: measure, track and improve. We've also added a handy application menu to take you to your other platforms in the CultureAI ecosystem.

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