Automatically onboard employees onto your security culture programme

Automatically onboard your employees into your security culture programme as part of your existing user provisioning process.

  • All employees should be enrolled on your security culture programme
  • This enrollment should be automated
  • Enrolling a user should trigger induction security awareness & other activity workflows
  • Leverage your existing user directory (I.e. AD/o365/AAD/Google Cloud Directory)

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Published 11th November 2019
Last Updated 11th November 2019
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James Moore, CultureAI
James Moore
CEO and founder, CultureAI
James is a cyber security expert & GCHQ approved security awareness trainer. He's worked with many of the worlds leading organisations to signficantly improve employee security behaviour and transform cyber security culture. He believes in using technology to support & empower employees to behave securely, at both work and home.
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