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Empower your customers to effectively manage human cyber risk with CultureAI as your trusted partner.


Welcome to the CultureAI partner programme, crafted to empower our Partner community with the ability to offer the #1 Human Risk Management Platform to your end clients.

As a contracted CultureAI Partner, you can offer your client base the ability to monitor and reduce risky security behaviours, fix those that get through, remediate others real time, drive security awareness coaching, enable automated interventions and leverage the power of security nudges. All of this is available through flexible licensing for prepaid annual or multi-year agreements.

What's more, you'll also benefit from the same generous partner contracted discounts upon renewals, ensuring a seamless and rewarding partnership experience.

Why partner with CultureAI

Most corporate cybersecurity breaches are a result of employee security behaviour, such as clicking on phishing emails, using the same passwords across multiple applications, or storing corporate data in unapproved SaaS apps. Typically, organisations are unable to capture or measure this, because they lack visibility of employee security behaviour beyond running phishing simulations.

CultureAI is a data-driven, cloud-based human risk management and automation platform for security and awareness teams that helps organisations measure, reduce, and respond to all cyber risks created by their workforces.

The platform integrates with an organisation’s existing tech stack to surface actionable employee security behaviour insights. This behavioural data is then used to drive personalised security awareness coaching to reduce risky behaviours, automated technical interventions to address risky behaviours that still happen, and security nudges delivered by instant messenger apps to empower employees to fix their own security risks in a single click.

CultureAI offers flexible licensing for prepaid annual or multiyear agreements. As an official CultureAI Partner you will also benefit from the same generous partner contracted discounts upon renewals or expansions.

Our goal is to make you a valued partner in the fight against cyber threats, reducing security incidents and making the digital world a safer place for everyone.


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