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The #1 platform for security awareness teams

CultureAI takes a data-driven approach to allow security & awareness teams to manage the cyber security risks their workforce create.


How CultureAI works

CultureAI continuously monitors security risks created by your workforce, then uses the insights to help you automatically manage risks so people prevent breaches, not cause them.


Human Cyber Risks

Automated phishing simulations
Security behaviour monitoring
SaaS app

Help People

Prevent Breaches

Employee risk scoring & insights

Understand risky people and teams

Security awareness coaching

Automate data-driven, personalised employee security programmes

Employee security empowerment

Enable employees to spot, fix & report security risks

Human risk response

Build automated workflows to mitigate employee security risks

Why security awareness teams
love CultureAI

Measure human risks

Human Risk Monitoring

Go beyond just simulated phishing, measure 35+ types of employee security behaviours.
Reduce human risk

Security awareness coaching

Automate data-driven, personalised security awareness, nudges, micro-learning, gamification & rewards.

Reduce human risk

Employee security enablement

Empower employees to stay secure & report risks, with tools such as a mobile app & phishing reporting button.
Respond to human risk

Human risk response

Respond to risks created by employees, using automated intervention workflows and incident triage capabilities.

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