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Continuously measure almost any employee
cyber security behaviours and automate
just-in-time nudges to improve them.

The only platform you need to improve cyber security culture while meeting your security awareness training & compliance requirements

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Measure employee security behaviours with email phishing, other attack simulations & from existing apps

Simulated phishing assessments are just the tip of the iceberg. CultureAI lets you collect behavioural data from your existing apps, as well as run a range of attack simulations, to measure almost any employee security behaviour. Continuously & effortlessly.

Improve security behaviours with nudges and awareness training, automated with playbooks

As well as delivering tailored security awareness training modules, customizable playbooks let you automatically deliver just-in-time nudges and other workflows when an employee performs specific security behaviours, helping them improve. Content is automatically tailored to users based on their risks, job role, current threats and behavioural profile.

Track security awareness, behaviour & culture improvement with simple dashboards

Security culture dashboards show you all of your employee behaviours in a single place, broken down by team, department or any other way that's important to you. Track them as they improve over time and share them easily with your management teams.

Always-on security awareness programmes. Automated.

Leading organisations use CultureAI to continuously identify employee security behaviours and respond with personalised education & nudges.

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