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Improve Cyber Security Culture

Cyber security education, intelligently
personalised to each employee

CultureAI enables you to continuously deliver cyber security awareness modules over a range of channels. Included modules cover all key security topics and are intelligently personalised to each employee based on their risk, role and security behaviour profile.

The Cyber Security Centre

Provide a central, gamified security portal for employees; both at work and home

Empower employees with personal cyber risk scores, news & alerts, threat reporting, policy tracking, gamification, leaderboards, education and tools to help them defend you, themselves and even family - all in one central portal, tailored to your organisation.

Attack Simulations & Just-in-time Education

Continuous attack simulations with just-in-time education, plus reporting & triage tools

Continuously deliver a wide range of intelligently tailored attack sims and assessments with just-in-time education; from simulated email phishing to password audits. Streamline employee threat reporting with reporting tools and an auto-triage platform.

Data-driven Cyber Security Education

Share behavioural data with/from your existing infrastructure & platforms; optimise education

Your existing investments, from web filters through to SIEMs, all generate behavioural data. CultureAI can collect this data, gamify it, use it to trigger training, provide enriched insights and intelligently personalise education for each individual employee. CultureAI can even push behavioural data back out to your own platforms.

CEO and Founder

James Moore
CEO & Founder, CultureAI®

"We have a responsibility to help the people in our lives defend not just our organisations from cyber threats, but also themselves and their families. To build truly resilient cyber security cultures, we need to leave traditional one-size-fits-all security awareness training behind and treat individuals as, well, individuals.

CultureAI's mission is to provide all of the technology and expertise, unified in a single platform, to enable organisations to implement and run a mature security culture programme at any scale; where each individual employee is provided with cyber security education, tools and support personalised specifically to them, on a continuous basis.

As part of our commitment to helping the security awareness community move away from one-size-fits all training; any organisation big or small can enroll their first 100 users free forever, right now. Our experts can even do all of your initial setup, if you'd prefer. "

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Need more than a platform? Our cyber security and behaviour science experts have designed and delivered security culture programmes to over 3 million employees globally. We can partner to form a part of your internal teams and thoroughly understand your organisation - bringing with us our entire technology stack, content design teams, tools and an unrivalled level of expertise and experience improving security awareness in mid-size and enterprise environments. All for less than a full-time security awareness or culture manager.

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