Continuously analyse awareness & behaviour

CultureAI® continuously measures & analyses employee cyber security awareness, behaviour & security culture.

Change behaviour, deliver individually tailored training

CultureAI® automatically builds fresh security awareness content specifically for each employee based on their behaviour, their role, your risks & compliance requirements.

Change security behaviour
in a few minutes a month

Everything you need to run an effective awareness programme on autopilot is included in the CultureAI® platform.

Reduce risk by continuously delivering tailored awareness training, tools & support - effortlessly

Run effective security awareness programmes. On autopilot.

As a GCHQ-certified training provider; our web-based Security Culture Enablement Platform® provides all of the tools needed to run highly-effective tailored security awareness and behaviour change programmes. Automatically.

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Deliver security awareness programmes tailored to each employee

Every employee is unique; they behave differently, for different reasons. Different roles will have different security requirements. Some are technical, some are not. They prefer different styles of training, with different types of messaging. Engagement with training will differ at different times. CultureAI allows you to automatically deliver training and tools that are individually tailored to each employee for maximum engagement and effectiveness, whether you have 10 employees or 100,000.


Ingest data from your existing assessments, systems or even pentest reports to help measure employee behaviour and enable the platform to make even more intelligent training decisions. Push behavioural / training data out to your own applications, infrastructure and LMS's with our integration capabilities.

Continuously Assess Employee Security Behaviour

The risk from each employee's security behaviour is continuously and automatically analysed using on-going attack simulations, quizzes, surveys, assessment of technical controls and by ingesting behavioural data from your existing systems.

Automated Reporting

View real-time results in our web-based dashboard, or enable automated reporting; from compliance reports to behaviour trend reports all with automated distribution to stakeholders.

Empower Employees

Improve both engagement and employee security behaviour by easily deploying tools like email reporting add-ins, gamification, leaderboards and automatic reward schemes.


Our powerful analytics engine allows you to measure and benchmark security culture and understand why your employees behave the way they do. Our intelligent recommendations engine blends behaviour science, cyber security insights and machine learning to produce actionable advice on tweaking your programme to further improve employee security behaviour.

Deliver Tailored Security Training Automatically

Our intelligent content engine automatically and continuously builds and delivers security awareness training for each employee, based on their role, behaviour and previous training engagement. Your organisations risks, compliance requirements, branding and policies are also taken into account. Forget huge content libraries, this truly is individualised security training.

Build an automated awareness programme tailored to your exact requirements, in minutes

Need your cyber awareness programme to meet a specific compliance requirement (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA etc)? Have a list of security awareness topics or specific employee risks you want training to cover? Want to limit the number of training modules each employee receives, or time spent doing training per month?

Use our simple wizard to set your requirements, and our platform will build, deliver and optimise all aspects of your security awareness programme and content automatically.

Automatically run all of your awareness activities, from tailored awareness training to simulated phishing, from one simple platform

Automated Attack Simulations

Tailored Awareness Training

Supporting Tools & Platforms

Gamification & Reward Schemes

Automated Employee Certification

Assess cyber security behaviour and provide security education
Provide employees with cyber security awareness education Automated Attack Simulations
Assess and track employee security behaviour and awareness by running a range of continuous, fully-automated attack simulations with optional just-in-time education - from email and SMS phishing simulations to password audits. You can even assess the effectiveness of the technical controls protecting employees (e.g. email filters) against emerging attacks.

You can also, optionally, ingest data from any existing platforms (e.g. Phishing platforms / LMS), applications (e.g. SaaS logs) and even infrastructure (e.g. proxies).
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Our platform continuously assesses and analyses employees' risk and security behaviours...

By enabling the automated attack simulation modules in the platform, CultureAI® allows can continuously assess and track changes in employees' security behaviour. Most importantly, the platform analyses behaviour to understand root causes.
This information, alongside behavioural information ingested from any existing platforms you have, plays a key role in automatically building tailored security awareness content.

Then changes behaviour by delivering security awareness training that's intelligently created specifically for each individual employee

The CultureAI® platform continuously builds and delivers security awareness training specifically for each individual employee. Content is produced and tailored based on their behaviour, attitudes, and preferred training methods whilst taking into account your compliance requirements, branding and risk priorities. Content is always fresh and up to date with current cyber risks and security awareness topics. You can configure the frequency at which employees receive training, or let our platform make intelligent decisions to optimise engagement rates.

Track the results that matter to you in real-time; from compliance to risk, behaviour change / culture improvement

Whether you're interested in training compliance and completion rates or improvements in employee behaviour and security culture over time, CultureAI® allows you to view the results of your awareness programme in real-time and automate the distribution of reports to your stakeholders on a regular basis.

Compliance Insights

Behaviour KPIs

Behaviour Insights

Culture Insights

Risk Insights

Track cyber security awareness compliance Track & Demonstrate Compliance
Easily track and demonstrate compliance against almost any standard or regulatory requirement that requires security awareness training; from ISO:27001 to PCI DSS. Automated reports make demonstrating compliance a breeze.
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Get expert support & regular briefings from a GCHQ accredited
cyber security awareness training provider

By engaging with us you're not just getting a software platform, but on-going support from our team of leading experts.

CultureAI are a GCHQ accredited training provider, and have a team consisting of cyber security, behaviour science and machine learning experts. Our experts have delivered successful security awareness training programmes to over 2 million employees in over 140 countries; including for 4 of the 5 top UK banks, government, multi-nationals and organisations in a vast range of sectors; including legal, technology, medical, finance, energy, telecoms and many more.

CultureAI® is the most simple, affordable way to deploy an effective security awareness programme that reduces risk

We don't just make deploying cyber security awareness programmes simple and affordable; we make them incredibly effective at changing employee security behaviour whilst meeting compliance requirements too.

Typical delivery model
Completely automated awareness programmes
Security awareness training
Phishing assessments & just-in-time training
Other attack simulations
Adaptive, individually-tailored education
Free initial Security Culture Evaluation (SCE)
Expert-managed setup process
Ongoing expert guidance extends your internal team
GCHQ certified training provider
Traditional Awareness Vendors
Software as a service
Modern Awareness Vendors
Software as a service, clients run and manage their own programmes.
Assisted SaaS /
Fully Managed
Clients can run their own programmes with ongoing guidance and oversight from our delivery team, or completely outsource their programme to our experts.
* Traditional Awareness Vendors
** Modern Awareness Vendors

Affordable pricing where, on average, the breaches we prevent cost 100x more than our solution

Running awareness programmes should be simple, effective and affordable. On average, the breaches we help employees prevent would have cost over 100 times more than our solution.

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That's just £3 per employee!

Get started now. It's free, and we make it easy.

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CEO and Founder

James Moore
CEO & Founder, CultureAI®

"Our mission is to provide every organisation with a simple, affordable platform that runs incredibly effective security awareness programmes, on autopilot. By leveraging our cyber security, behaviour science & machine learning expertise we can enable our clients to meet compliance requirements effortlessly whilst achieving more significant improvements in security behaviour than even the most mature awareness campaigns."

Latest resources & research

Our cyber security, behaviour science and machine learning research allows us to continuously push the boundaries of human security behaviour improvement. This plays a key role in our ability to enable our clients to transform their cyber security cultures.

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