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Responding to human risk
CultureAI Team
July 21, 2023

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⚡ TL;DR ⚡
  1. CultureAI introduces a data-driven, human risk management approach to cyber security, using personalised coaching and technical interventions to actively prevent security incidents.
  2. The platform uses human risk monitoring, phishing simulations, and SaaS discovery to provide a comprehensive view of an organisation's cyber health.
  3. Automated phishing simulations and security behaviour monitoring feature provide targeted training, keeping teams abreast of the latest threats.
  4. The CultureAI tool offers personalised security advice, nudges and rewards, tailored automated security awareness training solution, and promotes security culture within an organisation.
  5. CultureAI platform streamlines human risk response with automated workflows and a triage system, empowering employees to manage human-induced risks and making them the first line of defence against cyber threats.


Why CultureAI?

Welcome to CultureAI! We're here to help you upgrade to a data-driven, human risk management approach. This is not just about understanding security but creating an environment where employees actively prevent security incidents.

Our cyber security awareness platform is trusted by organisations of all sizes. It brings to light employee security behaviour data, driving personalised security coaching, technical interventions, and security nudges.

This savvy approach means security risks are fixed quickly, often with just a single click.

Who Our Platform is Designed For

You see, with CultureAI, we’re not just ticking boxes; we're revolutionising your organisation's cyber culture.

CultureAI is designed for any organisation that values security. Whether you're a start-up with a lean team or a multinational corporation with thousands of employees, our platform scales and adapts to meet your unique needs.

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Our Top Platform Features

At CultureAI, we’re continually innovating, ensuring we deliver cutting-edge features to help you improve your organisation's security culture. This is your one stop shop to learn about all of our key features and how they can benefit your organisation.

Human Risk Monitoring

Imagine being able to spot and measure over 40 types of cyber security risks, behaviours, and compliance indicators within your organisation. Sounds like a dream, right? With CultureAI, this is your reality.

Our Human Risk Monitoring features give you real-time insight into your employees' security habits, allowing you to proactively manage risk.

How? Well, we offer intelligent, continuous phishing simulations and the ability to connect your apps and tech stack to measure a broad range of security behaviours. We even help you discover which SaaS apps your employees are using and whether they're doing so securely.

But we don't stop there. We also provide risk scores and insights for each employee and team, giving you a nuanced understanding of your organisation's cyber risk landscape. Let's delve a bit deeper into how this all works.

Automated Phishing Simulation

Phishing remains a significant threat in the cyber landscape. That's why CultureAI offers automated phishing simulations, enabling you to run intelligent, continuous simulated phishing programmes with built-in just-in-time training.

Thanks to AI, these simulations are not just efficient but also highly targeted. They choose the best scenario and training to send to each employee based on their job role and historical susceptibility to phishing. This ensures that training remains relevant and impactful.

Our system has a library of hundreds of phishing templates, continuously updated with current, real-world threats. This keeps your employees abreast of the latest tricks cybercriminals might pull, enhancing their preparedness.

Worried about over or under-training? Set the minimum and maximum times to phish each employee each year, and CultureAI will optimise send frequency for each employee, aiming for the sweet spot of behaviour change.

Phishing results feed directly into employee risk scores. This data-driven approach helps inform your wider awareness and human risk management programmes, aligning them with your team's specific needs.

As for reporting, our easy-to-understand, shareable dashboards and customisable reports cut out the hard work, delivering clear insights when you need them.

Finally, our direct sending capabilities and phishing reporting button make phishing simulations straightforward and hassle-free. Our simulations are always delivered, bypassing spam blocks and automatic link detonation by email security tools. Plus, employees can easily report both simulated and real-world phishes.

In short, our Automated Phishing Simulations are designed to keep your team on their toes and your organisation one step ahead of the phishing threats.

Security Behaviour Monitoring

We also monitor your team's security behaviour, helping you identify potential risks and trends that could make your organisation vulnerable.

Understanding your workforce's security habits is fundamental to creating a robust cyber defence. That's why CultureAI goes beyond phishing simulations to give you a comprehensive view of your team's cyber habits.

Our Security Behaviour Monitoring feature allows you to track and measure over 40 types of employee security behaviours, providing a detailed picture of your organisation's cyber health. How do we do it? By connecting to your existing apps and tools, giving you real-time data on security practices across your organisation.

CultureAI goes beyond phishing simulations to give you a comprehensive view of your team's cyber habits.

The beauty of CultureAI lies in its seamless integration with common business apps and tools you already use. There are no tricky installs, agents, or deployments - just single-click integration that starts delivering insights in seconds.

Our platform lets you observe real-world security behaviours as they occur. This means no more biased survey results or reliance on employees to accurately report their habits. You get to see what's happening in the real world, giving you the hard data you need to improve your security posture.

CultureAI also offers easy-to-understand, shareable dashboards to track behaviour change over time. Need to go deeper? No problem. You can drill down into specific security behaviours to uncover additional insights.

Like our phishing simulations, behavioural data feeds into employee risk scores. This approach helps you to personalise and automate your wider security awareness and human risk management programmes, ensuring that your resources are targeted where they're most needed.

With CultureAI, you'll always have your finger on the pulse of your team's security behaviours, helping you to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

SaaS Discovery & Security Monitoring

With the widespread adoption of SaaS apps in the workplace, it's more important than ever to have visibility and control over their use. That's where CultureAI’s SaaS Discovery & Security Monitoring comes in.

Our tool helps you uncover the SaaS apps your employees are using - and, crucially, whether they're doing so securely. We shine a light on shadow SaaS use, identifying where potential vulnerabilities may lie.

The good news? There's no need for complicated installs, agents or complex CASB. Our browser extension provides full visibility into every SaaS platform across your workforce, and it's compatible with all major browsers.

But we don't stop at just identifying SaaS security issues, such as re-used credentials or lack of SSO or MFA. CultureAI also enables you to coach employees on how to use SaaS securely. We feed SaaS risk insights into your wider security awareness coaching programme, offering personalised advice to help employees bolster their SaaS security.

These SaaS risk insights also feed into employee risk scores, creating a comprehensive, data-driven approach to your wider security awareness and human risk management programme.

Simple to deploy and centralised, our SaaS Discovery & Security Monitoring extension can be rolled out in just a couple of clicks. With CultureAI, managing your SaaS landscape becomes a breeze, giving you more time to focus on what matters most: growing your business securely.

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Employee Risk Scoring

Understanding the cyber risk profile of your employees is key to effective security awareness. CultureAI’s Employee Cyber Risk Scoring helps you do exactly that - and much more.

With our tool, you can identify your riskiest employees and teams based on their cyber security behaviours and risk profile. We give each employee and team a risk score created from continuous security behaviour monitoring and phishing simulations.

Our simple, at-a-glance reporting shows you the specific behaviours that are affecting an employee's risk profile. This way, you don't just know who your riskiest employees are - you understand why, enabling targeted interventions.

We believe in transparency, so we give employees visibility of their own risk score - think of it like a credit score for cyber security. This helps them easily understand their own security risks and get personalised advice.

You can use these risk scores and behavioural data to drive personalised security awareness coaching programmes, supporting your employees and measurably improving security behaviour.

But that's not all. Our powerful automation functionality allows security engineers to dynamically adapt technical controls based on employees’ risk scores and profiles. This provides a further layer of protection tailored to your organisation's unique risk landscape.

With CultureAI, you have a clear, data-driven view of your employee cyber risk, allowing you to proactively manage and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Coaching

At CultureAI, we understand that one-size-fits-all security training doesn't cut it. That's why our Security Awareness Coaching feature is designed to deliver personalised, data-driven security awareness, nudges, micro-learning, gamification and rewards.

Our system automates the delivery of engaging cyber security awareness training tailored to each employee. But our approach doesn't stop at training. We also provide personalised security advice based on individual risk profiles, helping employees to understand and navigate their own unique cyber security landscape.

When an employee performs a risky security behaviour, we deliver instant nudges and micro-learning to help them understand and correct their action. Plus, we help you build reward programmes to incentivise positive security behaviours, creating a culture of proactive cyber security within your organisation.

Automated Security Awareness Training

Boosting your team's cyber security awareness doesn't have to be a chore. With CultureAI, we're changing the game by delivering an engaging, personalised, and automated security awareness training platform.

Our platform offers short, interactive modules covering every security and privacy topic you could think of. And we're not just about being engaging – we also help you meet PCI, ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA compliance requirements.

How do we ensure our content is relevant? We personalise training to each individual employee's risk and behaviour profile, basing our automated security awareness program on more than 40 behaviour measurements.

And to ensure everyone completes their training, we've got you covered there too. With custom reminder workflows, you can send reminders to employees or even line managers over various channels like email, Slack, Teams, or Workplace. No more chasing training completion - we'll take care of that for you.

Plus, with our comprehensive reporting, you can easily understand and share dashboards that report on compliance and training engagement. There's never been a more streamlined and efficient cybersecurity training platform. Read more about our custom security awareness training.

Personalised Security Advice

Our platform is designed to deliver individually tailored cyber security advice to each and every one of your employees.

We firmly believe that personalised advice is the key to helping employees navigate their own cyber security landscape. This is why our platform is designed to deliver individually tailored cyber security advice to each and every one of your employees.

Think of it as a personal credit score for cyber security. Our system uses data gathered from our human risk monitoring, such as security behaviour tracking and simulated phishing programmes, to provide employees with a simple, familiar dashboard. This dashboard provides invaluable feedback on their own cyber security risks, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses, alongside personalised advice on how to improve.

The result is advice that's relevant, actionable and based on real-world security behaviours. But we haven't forgotten about the user experience. We understand how crucial it is to keep your brand at the forefront of employee experiences. That's why the dashboard is completely customisable, allowing you to tailor the look and feel to match your company's culture for a friendly, familiar experience.


Are you looking for a way to provide immediate, real-time security education to your employees? With CultureAI's nudges and micro-learning features, you can do just that.

Here's how it works: Our system can trigger fully-customisable security nudges when employees perform a security behaviour, whether risky or secure. This means that you can deliver instant, engaging security advice directly to your employees just as a security behaviour occurs.

But we're not just talking about a handful of security behaviours. Our platform allows you to deliver nudges in response to over 40 different types of employee security behaviours, covering a wide range of scenarios and learning opportunities. And because these nudges can be delivered over email, Teams, Slack, and more, you're reaching your employees right where they work.

Not only does this allow you to provide timely, relevant education, but it also helps to create a positive security culture within your organisation. After all, our nudges aren't just for risky behaviours. When employees perform secure behaviours, you can send nudges to thank them, reinforcing their positive actions and helping to build a proactive security mindset.

With CultureAI, you have full control over your security nudges, allowing you to build content and messaging that fits seamlessly with your internal culture and brand. It's a dynamic, engaging way to keep your employees educated, engaged, and proactive when it comes to cyber security.

Security Awards

Cultivating a culture of secure behaviours doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, with CultureAI's security reward scheme, can be downright rewarding.

Imagine being able to incentivise good security habits and recognise those who take proactive steps towards maintaining a secure digital environment. With CultureAI, you can grant credits, points, and rewards when employees perform secure behaviours. Whether they're reporting phishing attempts or setting up strong passwords, their proactive actions can be recognised and rewarded.

What's even better is that our reward schemes are fully customisable. You can tailor them to your organisation and choose to deliver almost any type of reward. Think gift cards, physical items, or perhaps additional perks within the company. The aim is to build a reward scheme that incentivises the security behaviours most relevant to your organisation.

And for those who enjoy a bit of friendly competition, we've got you covered. Our platform lets you create leaderboards based on security behaviours, sparking healthy competition amongst employees, teams, or even entire offices. With CultureAI, you can turn cyber security awareness into a rewarding, engaging endeavour.

Employee Security Empowerment

We believe in empowering every employee to play an active role in cyber security. We've built tools that enable your workforce to easily spot, fix, and report cyber security risks, turning them from potential vulnerabilities into proactive defenders.

We offer a simple-to-use phishing reporting button, easily deployable across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. This tool transforms the daunting task of reporting phishing emails into a straightforward, effortless process.

Moreover, we go beyond the office environment. With our mobile app, we support employees in their personal lives, offering resources and tools to maintain security at home. It's a comprehensive approach that empowers individuals in all areas of their digital lives.

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Phishing Reporting Made Easy

Equip your workforce with an accessible tool to report phishing attempts conveniently and efficiently across different platforms.

CultureAI presents a seamless, robust reporting button compatible with Outlook and Gmail. Whether your employees are working on a desktop, browsing the web, or on the move using mobile, our solution offers a consistent reporting experience. Spotting and reporting phishing emails is reduced to a single click, significantly increasing visibility and responsiveness to phishing attacks.

Our reporting system is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to crucial risk insights. Each report is enriched with valuable data, facilitating your security team's ability to triage quickly and effectively. And these reports are not confined to our platform; you can push enriched phishing reports to any of your existing tools and platforms.

Communication is key to maintaining an engaged and informed workforce. We've incorporated automated communications workflows, thanking employees for their vigilance and providing them with regular updates.

CultureAI provides a centralised triage centre, allowing you to prioritise, investigate, and resolve phishing reports from one console. For a more comprehensive response, we've included the functionality to build automated workflows, enabling efficient management of phishing reports and scalable mitigation of human risk factors. With CultureAI, reporting phishing has never been so easy or so effective.

CyberScore Mobile App

With the CyberScore mobile app offered by CultureAI, we make it a breeze for your employees to remain secure even outside their work life. We firmly believe that excellent awareness teams stretch their boundaries to ensure employees are secure, both at work and at home.

With a plethora of potential cyber risks lurking around, it's vital to stay vigilant. The CyberScore mobile app gives timely alerts to employees when they are at risk at home, for instance, if their personal email address is caught up in a data breach. But it doesn't stop at identifying risks.

The mobile app further aids by providing easily understandable, personalised cybersecurity advice. This advice, curated by security experts, empowers employees to safeguard themselves and their loved ones effectively. It's akin to having a cybersecurity expert in your pocket, ready to guide you whenever necessary!

What's more, the CyberScore mobile app is user-friendly and compatible with both Apple iOS and Google Android. Hence, irrespective of the type of mobile phone your employees have, they can still enjoy the benefits of the app, keeping cyber secure at all times.

Human Risk Response

CultureAI's Human Risk Response feature provides a comprehensive solution to managing human risks and behavioural security events. This sophisticated mechanism lets you build automated workflows that are specifically triggered when human risk or security behaviour incidents occur.

Effectively handle any risk that can affect employees, from email phishing attacks to insecure online behaviour. The ability to rapidly identify, analyse, and address these risks is pivotal in maintaining robust cyber security. CultureAI's Human Risk Response streamlines this process, making it easier than ever to respond swiftly and adequately to human-induced risks. Safeguard your organisation by turning your employees into the first line of defence against cyber threats.

Human Risk Automation

CultureAI's Human Risk Automation is your solution to efficiently dealing with human-induced cybersecurity risks. You can construct personalised intervention workflows which are immediately triggered when an employee is identified as being at risk.

Implement automatic technical interventions and initiate responses to human risks and security behaviours. Your organisation gains the ability to instantly address human risks, such as promptly deleting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) if an employee inadvertently shares it.

Human Risk Automation is designed to be highly interoperable. You can feed any human risk or behavioural event identified by CultureAI into your existing security tools using webhooks or API. Alternatively, you can establish automated workflows to dispatch the most severe human risk events for triage by your security team within the CultureAI Triage Platform.

With CultureAI, you can ensure that every human risk and security behaviour event is efficiently dealt with, protecting your organisation and employees from potential cyber threats.

Human Risk Triage

With CultureAI's Human Risk Triage, you can easily navigate and manage cyber risks impacting your employees - whether it's a flood of phishing reports or employees inadvertently sharing sensitive data.

CultureAI allows you to swiftly review and triage crucial human security risk events. You can create tickets when any of over 40 types of human risks or security behaviours are detected by our state-of-the-art security behaviour monitoring.

When it comes to phishing reports sent by your team members, our platform empowers you to prioritise, review, and resolve these threats swiftly. You can take action to mitigate these threats in just a few clicks, ensuring a secure digital environment for your organisation.

The user-friendly case management functionality allows you to efficiently manage even the most serious human risk incidents. We understand the importance of keeping everyone involved updated. Therefore, CultureAI provides automated communications to keep your employees in the loop, enhancing productivity and making them feel part of the organisation's security efforts.

CultureAI's Human Risk Triage helps you seamlessly manage cybersecurity risks and promote a proactive security culture within your organisation.

How to Get Started with CultureAI

Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness within an organisation is no easy feat. Yet, it's an investment that pays dividends in the prevention of security incidents and protection of sensitive information. CultureAI has brought a new perspective to this crucial aspect of cybersecurity, making it more personalised, effective, and proactive than ever before.

CultureAI offers the unique capability to empower your employees in becoming the first line of defence against cyber threats. Our platform uses data-driven insights to deliver tailored training, personalised security advice, and real-time security nudges. We encourage positive behaviours with reward schemes, make phishing reporting easy, and help your employees stay secure beyond their work environment with our CyberScore mobile app.

We also help you respond to human risks with automated intervention workflows and triage human security events with ease. This automation not only reduces your security team's workload but also ensures rapid and efficient responses to any potential threats.

Unlike traditional security awareness and training tools, CultureAI provides a continuous, engaging, and practical learning experience. We're transforming the way businesses approach security culture, making it part of everyday working life rather than a once-a-year compliance requirement.

If you're looking to foster a culture of security awareness in your organisation, we're here to help! Get in touch with our friendly team or schedule a demo to experience first hand how CultureAI can elevate your cybersecurity game. Welcome to the future of cyber security. It's human.

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