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Go Beyond standard phishing reporting with CultureAI

Last year, phishing emails increased by 569%, protect and educate your employees from this threat fill with CultureAI's phishing solution.

  • A simple email reporting button that works across mobile, desktop and web email, which improves employee reporting by 23%.

  • Personalised phishing scenarios & training based on employees' job roles and historic susceptibility.

  • Automate 100s of phishing templates that automatically update and adapt to current, real-world threats.

  • Phishing reports enriched with risk insights to triage rapidly and send employees automated feedback.

CulturAI platform screenshot showing the phishing reporting tool

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A photo of the CISO from Travel Perk, smiling

Can you imagine knowing your most risky users in the business? This was the insight we quickly got after a few months of using CultureAI. Even better, the users being able to receive personalised feedback about their risky behaviours with guidance on how to do better? Check!

James Moos

CISO & DPO, Travel Perk