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Automated phishing simulations

Automated phishing simulations

Run intelligent, continuous simulated phishing programmes with just-in-time training on auto-pilot.

Automate intelligent, continuous simulated
phishing programmes with CultureAI

AI-driven phishing simulations help you save time and achieve better behaviour change
without losing control over what gets sent to your employees.

100's of phishing templates, continuously updated with real-world threats

Our large phishing scenario pool is continuously updated based on current, real-world threats.

Intelligent scenario selection chooses the right scenario for each employee

AI-driven scenario selection chooses the best scenario and training to send to each employee based on their job role and historic susceptibility to phishing.

Intelligent sending frequencies prevent over and under training

Set the minimum and maximum times to phish each employee each year. CultureAI automatically optimises send frequency for each employee to achieve the best behaviour change.

Comprehensive reporting

Easy to understand, shareable dashboards and customisable reporting give you the insights you need, minus the effort.

Risk score employees & teams

Phishing results feed into employee risk scores, allowing you to use data to drive your wider awareness and human risk management programme.

Zero email delivery problems

Direct sending capabilities ensure your phishing emails are delivered every time. No spam blocks and no links automatically detonated by email security tools.

Deploy our phishing reporting button, or use your own

Make it easy for employees to report both real-world and simulated phishes with our reporting button - or easily integrate your own.

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