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Employee cyber security risk scoring

Employee cyber risk scoring

Use risk scoring to understand and support your riskiest employees and teams, based on their cyber security behaviours and risk profile.

Understand and support your riskiest
employees with CultureAI

Security awareness teams use CultureAI to understand risky employees and teams,
then deliver personalised education and support to help them stay secure.

Surface your riskiest employees or teams

CultureAI gives each employee and team a risk score, based on security behaviour monitoring and continuous phishing.

Understand how employees' security behaviours affect their risk

Simple, at-a-glance reporting shows you the specific behaviours that are affecting an employees risk profile.

Give employees' visibility of their own risk score, like a credit score

Help employees easily understand their own security risks and get personalised advice.


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Use risk data to drive personalised security coaching

Use risk scoring and behavioural data to drive personalised security awareness coaching programmes to support your employees and measurably improve security behaviour.

Learn more about security awareness coaching

Adapt technical controls around employee risk data

Security engineers can use powerful automation functionality to dynamically adapt technical controls based on employee's risk scores and profiles.

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