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Triage human risks and phishing reports

Triage human risks
with ease

Easily triage cyber risks affecting your employees, from phishing reports to employees involved in data breaches.

Triage any type of cyber risk affecting
your employees with CultureAI

From phishing reports sent by employees to employees sharing documents containing PII;
easily review and triage your most important human security risks events.

Triage 35+ types of human risks and employee security behaviours

Create tickets when any type of human risk or security behaviour is identified by CultureAI's security behaviour monitoring.

Learn about security behaviour monitoring

Enrich and triage employee
phishing email reports

Easily prioritise, review and resolve phishing reports submitted by your employees. Take action to mitigate threats in just a couple of clicks.

Manage cases easily with simple case management

Manage your most serious human risk incidents with simple case management functionality.

Keep employees in the loop with automated communications

Give employees automated updates on any cases that involve them; increasing productivity and helping them to feel they've contributed to the security of your organisation.

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