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Measure & improve your workforce's security decisions, before they cause a breach

Find and benchmark human risk within your organisation. Lower the risk of breaches by helping your workforce consistently make good cyber security decisions by orchestrating intelligent security education, nudges and powerful user engagement tools.

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Use employee security scores to continuously benchmark & understand human security risks
across your organisation

Give every employee, department or team a security score based on how risky they are and the security decisions they take. Like a credit score, it's continuously updated using insights synthesised from your existing tech stack, alongside continuous attack simulations. Easily explore scores and their root causes using simple dashboards.

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Transform the security decisions your workforce make using personalised security education & nudges

Influence decisions with security nudges, security awareness modules and communications across a range of engagement channels; with content tailored to each user based on their security score, security behaviours and job role. Support users with tools to enable them to make better security decisions and motivate them with gamification and reward schemes.

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Pre-empt human risks, respond & adapt to them using powerful orchestration

Use orchestration to automatically adapt your security controls to users based on their security score, when they perform a specific behaviour or their risk level changes. Respond automatically with nudges and security education, or send alerts and risk data to your existing security and incident response platforms.

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Track & share the security culture & human risk insights that matter to your key stakeholders and board

Share dashboards with CxOs, managers and other stakeholders to give them on-demand visibility of the real-world risks people are creating across your organisation, and how they're trending over time. Demonstrate ROI from measurably reducing the risk of security incidents, rather than just "raising awareness".

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Go beyond awareness training & phishing simulations

Leading organisations are using CultureAI to positively influence the security decisions their workforce make, significantly reducing the likelihood of breaches.

Behavioural Events Analysed: 
Just-in-time Nudges: 
Good security decisions
Poor security decisions
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Improve your workforces' security decisions

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