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About CultureAI

Our Mission

To enable your people to stay secure, in work & at home

We believe everyone is capable of protecting themselves, their organisation and their families against cyber security risks.

From a security perspective, everyone behaves differently for different reasons. Organisations around the globe use our technology to understand these reasons for each employee and orchestrate the delivery of individually personalised education, tools, rewards and support to enable them to keep themselves and their organisation secure.

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A brief history

July 2018
Oct 2018
January 2020
Feb 2020
May 2020
November 2021
Armed with little more than offensive penetration testing experience and a vision, James Moore sets out to create one of the worlds first simulated phishing providers, Phishd.
Five years later, Phishd, alongside MWR InfoSecurity and Countercept, is acquired by F-Secure as part of a £103m deal.
After having seen success by significantly improving employee security behaviour using personalised phishing education, James and key Phishd teammates found CultureAI to solve the challenge of delivering personalised security culture programmes at scale.
CultureAI gets significant traction with organisations in a wide range of sectors, from finance to central government, all looking to transform culture rather than simply raise awareness.
CultureAI secure investment partnership from Passion Capital
CultureAI launch their security culture management system for organisations looking to help their employees defend themselves from cyber attacks.
CultureAI launch their CyberScore app to allow anyone to use our technology at home to see their personal cyber security risks.
CultureAI announce $4million seed round investment in partnership with Senovo, Passion Capital and angel investors Paul Forster & Guntram Friede. Find out more.
James Moore, CEO of CultureAI

"We have a responsibility to help the people in our lives defend not just our organisations from cyber threats, but also themselves and their families. To build truly resilient cyber security cultures we need to leave traditional one-size-fits-all security awareness training behind and treat individuals as, well, individuals.

It's time we started using data to better understand how we can support individuals, and using technology to provide this support at scale."

James Moore

CEO & Founder, CultureAI®

What we believe

Our core values

We believe in people. Given the right advice, support and tools people can do amazing things. This means our people, and our clients' people.

When empowered correctly; our people can produce incredible outcomes for our clients. When empowered correctly; our clients' people can (and do) proactively help defend their organisation, themselves and their families from cyber security risks.

We promise to empower people by developing great technology, encouraging research and development, being open and sharing expertise and insights. Putting people first.

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