We protect our clients
data, at all costs

Security at CultureAI

When a client works with us, they're saying "We trust you to significantly decrease our security risks". It is our responsibility to do absolutely everything in our power to make that happen; starting with ensuring we don't increase their risks.

The four pillars of trust


Security is baked into everything we do; from our DevSecOps through to business ops and physical security.


Our platforms are built on best-in-class technologies, and are designed to be highly-available and fast.


Privacy is at the heart of what we do. We protect your employees data at all costs and comply with all relevant privacy legislation.


We hold ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. We're happy to allow our enterprise clients to conduct independent audits & pentests.


We support the responsible disclosure of security issues and vulnerability to us from the security community. If you identify a security vulnerability in any CultureAI product please let us know at security@culture.ai and we'll acknowledge the report within a working day.

All we ask is that security researchers exercise appropriate consideration whilst conducting any testing; please throttle your rates and in the event you may (or have accidentally) access(ed) client data please stop and contact us so that we can remediate the vulnerability, communicate to our clients and order you pizza.

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