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Human risk automation and orchestration

Human risk automation

Build intervention workflows, triggered when an employee is at risk.

Automatically mitigate human risks the
instant they happen with CultureAI

Build custom workflows to deliver technical interventions and drive responses to human risks and security behaviours.

Build automated workflows, triggered by human risk and employee behaviour events

Build custom workflows that run when an employee is at risk or a specific security behaviour occurs.

Mitigate human risks instantly,
with automated technical interventions

Automatically fix risks when they happen, such as deleting personally identifiable information (PII) if an employee overshares it.

Push human risk and behaviour events to your other security tools

Push any human risk or behaviour event identified by CultureAI to your existing tools via webhooks or API.

Or, triage human risk incidents in the CultureAI triage platform

Create automated workflows to send your most serious human risk events to be triaged by your security team.

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