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Security behaviour monitoring

Workforce security behaviour monitoring

Go beyond phishing simulations, measure and track 35+ types of employee security behaviours.

Measure 35+ types of employee
security behaviours with CultureAI

CultureAI helps security awareness teams measure the full range of
risky employee security behaviours, not just phishing.

Measure 35+ types of employee security behaviours

By connecting your existing apps and tools, CultureAI let's you continuously measure over 35 types of security behaviours.

Single-click integration with the apps and tech you already have

CultureAI comes with pre-built integrations with common business apps and tools; allowing you to measure security behaviours that happen anywhere.

Observe behaviours, not biased survey results

CultureAI let's you observe real-world security behaviours as they happen, no relying on asking employees "Do you use a strong password?"

Track behaviour change from 50,000 feet, or deep-dive

Easy to understand, shareable dashboards let you track behaviour change over time - or drill down into specific security behaviours.

Risk score employees & teams

Behavioural data creates employee risk scores, allowing you to use data to drive, personalise and automate your wider security awareness and human risk management programme.

No agents or installs

CultureAI integrates in seconds directly with the tools, apps and platforms you already have. There's no installs, agents or deployments.

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