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13th July 2022

QandA: What to Look for in the Best Cyber Security Training?

Changing Security Behaviours

James Moore, CEO and founder of CultureAI, recently took part in a Q&A on cyber security training, covering a range of questions:

  • How often should cyber security training be delivered to staff?
  • Is it better to design your own training or to outsource?
  • What accreditation should people look for?
  • How can training be made more engaging for staff?
  • How to shift from simply raising awareness to actually changing behaviour?
  • How can that be turned into lasting behavioural change?
  • What is 'good' security training?

View some of the highlights and the full video below:

Cyber Security Training Should be Served Continuously in Bite-sized Chunks

Cyber Security Coaching; Not Training

Changing the Security Behaviour of Employees

Full Video

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