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Security awareness coaching

Security awareness coaching

Automate data-driven, personalised security awareness, nudges, micro-learning, gamification & rewards.

CultureAI Platform Training Modules

How can I deliver security awareness
coaching with CultureAI?

One platform, every tool you need to achieve security behaviour change

Use data from our human risk monitoring capabilities to drive your security behaviour change programme.

Automate security awareness training

Deliver personalised, engaging security awareness training to employees - automatically.

Deliver personalised security advice

Deliver truly personalised cyber security advice to each employee, based on their own observed risks & security behaviours.

Nudge & support employees in real-time

Deliver real-time nudges and micro-learning when an employee performs a risky security behaviour.

Reward & incentivise employees

Build security behaviour-driven employee reward programmes, leaderboards and more.

How else can I manage human
risks & behaviours?