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Monitor human cyber risks & security behaviours

Human risk monitoring

Measure more than 35 types of employee cyber security risks,
security behaviours and compliance indicators.

CultureAI Platform Dashboard for Monitoring Human Risks

How can I monitor human risks
& security behaviours with CultureAI?

Measure every human risk & security behaviour

Security awareness teams use CultureAI to go beyond simulated phishing and get visibility of a wider range of security behaviours than with any other security awareness platform.

Automate phishing simulations

Forget managing phishing campaigns - intelligently automate a phishing simulation programme that runs continuously.

Monitor 35+ additional security behaviours

Connect your apps and tech stack to measure 35+ types of employee security behaviours.


Discover insecure SaaS app use

Easily integrate with common browsers to identify shadow SaaS use, and detect employees creating in-SaaS risks.

Risk score employees & teams

Turn risk & security behaviour insights into employee and team risk scores.

What can I do with the risk & behaviour insights?