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Cyber security nudges and micro-learning

Deliver real-time security nudges and micro-learning

Deliver immediate education through security nudges across email, Slack or Teams when employees perform a risky behaviour.


Instantly deliver security advice when employees perform risky security behaviours

Trigger fully-customisable security nudges to be sent when employees perform a security behaviour.

Trigger security nudges with 35+ types of
employee security behaviours

Deliver nudges in response to over 35 different types of employee security behaviours.

Instant delivery to engage with employees as soon as risk occurs

Nudges are delivered to employees the instant a security behaviour occurs.

Deliver nudges over email, Teams, Slack and more

Deliver security nudges where your employees work - whether that's in email, instant messengers or both.

Fully-customisable security nudges

Build custom nudge content and messaging that fits with your internal culture and brand.

Nudge positive security behaviours too

Don't just educate, trigger nudges to say thank you when employees perform secure behaviours.

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