How I got Phished in my First 30 Minutes: Why Empathy is Vital for a Strong Security Culture

Join CultureAI's Lead Security Researcher, John Scott, as he engages in an insightful fireside chat with our CEO, James Moore. They'll delve into John’s unique phishing incident - a memorable experience that occurred just 30 minutes into his first day at CultureAI.

We'll dissect the whys and hows of the incident and discuss its influence on our understanding of security awareness.

Tuesday 11th July
15:00 BST

Why is empathy crucial to mitigating security risks?

Empathy fuels understanding and compassion, making it a powerful tool and strategic investment for reinforcing positive security behaviours and reducing risks.
Empathy enables us to recognise that everyone, even the most tech-savvy among us, can fall prey to sophisticated phishing tactics.
Fostering a culture of empathy, creates safe spaces for acknowledging mistakes and seeking assistance, drastically reducing the potential for damaging cover-ups.

Webinar Takeaways

During this webinar, you will learn the following:

✅ Why even the savviest individuals struggle to avoid phishing traps, especially amidst multiple software sign-ups and cloud managed services.

✅ From an organisation's standpoint, why acknowledging and reporting phishing attempts, like John's simulated case, is a crucial step towards better security.

✅ How fostering empathy within a security awareness programme creates an environment where staff feel safe to reveal errors and seek help.

✅ Understanding human error as an inevitable facet of cyber security and strategising ways to minimise associated risks.

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Who's Presenting?

Discover How Empathy Can Help Improve Your Security Awarness Programme
Join us as we dissect a real phishing incident and discuss the influence empathy has on our understanding of security awareness.
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