Changing the
Status Quo
& Going Beyond
Security Awareness

Join us as we partner with Sure Business to present a two-part webinar series on Human Risk Management and security awareness. This series will cover a variety of hot topics, including phishing, targeted coaching, automated interventions, and security nudges. We are excited to bring you insights from two renowned industry experts who will share their knowledge and expertise on these subjects.

the Status Quo

Tuesday 5th December
15:00–15:45 GMT

It’s time to rethink traditional approaches to security.
Move beyond ad-hoc phishing simulations and learn how to significantly reduce human risk through changing employee security behaviours.

Going Beyond
Security Awareness

Thursday 7th December
15:00–15:45 GMT

Enter a new era of cyber security.
Learn how continuous coaching, automated interventions, and nudges can transform employee security behaviours and mitigate human risk, all while keeping you compliant.

Why Join

  • ✅ Gain invaluable insights into emerging trends, technologies, and strategies in the field of Human Risk Management.
  • ✅ Discover the power of continuous coaching, interventions, and nudges in transforming employee security behaviours while effectively mitigating human risk.
  • ✅ Engage directly with our speakers and get the opportunity to ask live questions, ensuring that your queries are addressed.
  • ✅ Join one or both webinars live or access on-demand.


John Scott

Lead Security Researcher

Grant Mossman

Cyber Security Consultant

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